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Connecting the World through Storytelling

Today’s children grow up in a diverse world that is increasingly connected through technology.

KapowKidz is committed to building cultural bridges  between east and west.

Through shared projects, we use modern technology to build a strong world community.

Project Blog

Members share stories and content!

WeChat Groups

Where parents and educators connect!

Private Assessment

Submit work for individual assessment!

Connect with Schools, Classes and Families in Canada & China

Class to Class

Classes in Canada and China can join together to share stories, video,  audio and art projects. A great way for kids to experience cultural diversity and make new friends through storytelling!

School to School

KapowKidz can also arrange school-wide shared projects, as well as consultation services for Chinese educators interested in establishing connections in Canada.

Family to Family

Parents and teachers can connect through our exclusive KapowKidz weChat groups to share cross cultural experiences and to receive our regular class updates, parenting videos and articles.

What is the advantage of participating in a shared project?


Today’s children grow up in a diverse world that is connected through technology. Shared projects give students, parents and educators a unique opportunity to connect with cultures other than their own through the shared tradition of storytelling.

What will my child learn from a shared project?


In addition to strengthening communication skills, your child will learn about diversity and how people of every culture share positive character values and creative traditions.

How can I access the project blog?


Parents, teachers and other invited family members may sign up to see the blog and post moderated comments. The blog is not available to the general public. To sign up, go to your project blog page and click on a post. Then input your information. A password will be sent to you.

How does content get uploaded to the project blog?


Your teacher will have a list of simple video, audio, photography or art assignments for students to complete. The files will be forwarded to us and we will upload them to the blog. Blog members may post moderated comments.

What is a WeChat group?


WeChat is the most popular social media platform in China. It is easy to use, fun and a great way to communicate. We will set up a private WeChat group for every project, available to all parents and instructors. In that group we will also post updates, parenting articles and information about our summer camp programs.

What is a Private Assessment?


Parents of Storyteller’s Journey participants in China can upgrade to send us their child’s video assignments for assessment, special one-on-one instruction and eligibility for a special achievement certificate.

I would like to inquire about a teacher exchange or a professional trip to visit schools in Canada. Can you help?


We have an extensive connection with schools throughout the Toronto region. Because we have offices in both Canada and China, we can be of assistance in navigating the complexities of exchange programs between schools and school districts.