Toronto, Ontario & Beijing, China

Yi Xu

Yi Xu

Translation: 简体中文

Hi, I’m Yi Xu, from Beijing, China. My major was Chinese Language and Education. I’ve been teaching since graduating from Normal College of Beijing Union University.

I worked as a homeroom teacher and the English program leader in a vocational high school in Beijing, teaching both professional and normal English courses. As a study adviser of Wall Street Institute later, I gave students professional instructions about their learning. I having been teaching Chinese as a second language for several years, and my students are from Asia, Europe, North and South America as well as Africa. From 2013 to 2016, I worked in Denver Language School total immersion Chinese program in Colorado, USA. As a grade 3 homeroom teacher, I taught Language Art, Math, Science and Social Studies all in Chinese and was in charge of whole class management.

Now, I’m very happy to work with Storyteller’s Journey program. It is a great course for students to improve their skill of expression with loud voice, proper tone and gestures. It strengthens their ability to cooperate and communicate with one another when they present stories. Children also learn about cultures and traditions that are different than their own. The whole world is being connected closely through information and technology, Storyteller’s Journey is building an important cultural bridge for students to grow up with an understanding of people from different parts of the world.