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“Weaving learning into a story makes learning more interesting, activates the brain’s positive emotional state, and hooks the information into a strong memory template. The memory then becomes more durable as the learning follows the narrative pattern through sequences connected to a theme, time flow, or actions directed toward solving a problem or reaching a known goal.”

Judy Willis, MD

Storytelling is shared by every culture on earth as a primary method of communication. Through stories we render our version of events, both real and imagined, and in so doing engage in the creation of a world in which we can understand one another.

Since the beginning, stories have been used to educate children, to pass along information and to explain the unexplainable. The reason is simply that stories are effective in engaging the passing along of information. So effective, in fact, that it is easy to overlook the central role that storytelling plays in our lives. But the fact is that social media platforms like weChat, Facebook, YouTube, and Weibo, as well as movies, books, newspapers, school and corporate reports, art, music all exist to facilitate communication between people.

Viewed in this light, it is perhaps easy to see how important it is for today’s children to learn how to communicate as effectively as possible.

Storyteller’s Journey program is a systematic method that engages children, families and educators in activities that are designed to facilitate mastery of the range of communication skills that are necessary in today’s diverse, interconnected world.