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Kapow / Haliburton Hockey Camp

Kapow / Haliburton Hockey Camp

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* Bright stars, blazing bonfires, listening to wonderful stories

* Feel the world-class NHL hockey star guide   

* Incorporate into the unparalleled natural beauty of Canada

* Experience the real North American summer camp’s exciting activities   

Halliburton hockey camp is located near  Canada’s famous Algonquin Park side, founded by former North American professional hockey star Troy Binney. The camp provides first-class environments and programs for sports training, nature experience and personality development for children from all over the world. Our focus is: to build and enhance children’s leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and excellence through our programs.

We have a world-class indoor ice hockey hall, a major league hockey coach, 2.5 h hockey time per day and a 4: 1 ratio of kids to coaches Through our systematic training, not only can children’s ice hockey skills improve dramatically in a short period of time, but also their children’s team awareness and leadership training will be focused.Requirements: Children must bring their own ice hockey equipment.

Water sports and other activities

Located on the beautiful Kashagawigamog Lake, with its own beach and water sports area, the camp has professional water sports facilities and an excellent coaching staff to guide children through many activities such as sailing, skateboarding, canoeing and kayaking. We also provide children outdoor activities such as climbing rope, rock climbing, archery, forest exploration, snorkling and tennis, golf, swimming, basketball and other sports that will surely allow children to have a fulfilling day in the camp and leave behind Unforgettable memories of life.

Camp facilities

We have Canada’s best indoor ice hockey training venue, many children’s ice hockey team in the world in this training. At the same time, we also provide tennis courts, golf courses, basketball courts, independent beach, castle climbing rope, water sports base and other facilities for children to carry out a number of sports to provide quality assurance. We provide our children with a warm camp hut, professional child nutritionist and chef, Canada’s first-class camp logistics team, will make your child has a lifetime of unforgettable experience.


Professional medical and ambulance team, all teachers have professional rescue credentials

The hospital is just a 2- minute drive away and the town center is a 5- minute drive away

Professional dietitians monitor children’s daily diet and drinking water, prevent all allergens from entering the camp