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Kapow / Frontier Trails Camp

Kapow / Frontier Trails Camp

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Kapow Pioneer Equestrian Theme Summer Camp is located close to Ontario, Canada’s famous Algonquin Park, with over 40 years of youth camp experience. Set on the banks of the Bonnechere River, the campsite has a sunny beach and hundreds of acres of forest, stretching through miles of forest paths.

The camp offers world-class equestrian training as well as traditional Canadian summer camp activities such as canoeing, canoeing, sailing, archery, fishing, swimming, rock climbing and hiking.

Our focus is to create a loving, supportive, and fun environment, to help establish  children’s belief in life and establish and enhance their children’s leadership, team spirit, self-confidence and outstanding character.

Equestrian adventure

Our horses are professionally trained for young learners from primary to competition level. The children will exercise 1-3 hours a day, depending on their level of training , including fencing, forest riding, horseback riding and equestrian theory learning. Trainees learn to scrub and cook their horses every morning in the first hour.Intermediate water students are required to master the trotting and trotting. In the final stage of the training, we also arrange the children’s equestrian show, accompanied by music, parents can watch the scene, we also provide full video recording.

Swimming and other activities

Located on the beautiful lake of Bonnechere , with its own beach and water sports area, we have professional water sports facilities and an excellent coaching staff to guide children through many activities such as sailing, skateboarding, canoeing and kayaking.We also provide children with art activities such as climbing rope climbing, rock climbing, archery, forest exploration and other outdoor activities as well as handcraft, painting, stage performances and talent exhibitions, which will surely make children live full life in the camp each day and leave their lives Memorable memories.

Camp facilities

We have Canada’s premier equestrian fence training venue, Ontario, a number of private schools fixed in this horse training. At the same time, we also provide water trampoline, land trampoline, independent beach, climbing castle, water sports base and other facilities for children to carry out a number of sports to provide quality assurance. We provide our children with a warm camp hut, professional child nutritionist and chef, Canada’s first-class camp logistics team, will make your child has a lifetime of unforgettable experience.


Professional medical and ambulance team, all teachers have professional rescue credentials. From Eganville town center and emergency hospital 10 minutes by car. Professional dietitians monitor children’s daily diet and drinking water, prevent all allergens from entering the camp.

Young ESL English learning

We have ESL English language lessons for children from different non-English speaking countries , ages 6-16 . Each lesson is designed to let children learn 15-20 new English words, the theme will be around:

Equestrian and horse-related content to learn, “Story Journey” story content to learn

Daily dining and restaurant English, young people related to hobbies

Natural and environmental knowledge, animal and plant related knowledge

The main theme of our course is to create an easy-to-learn environment that will design different learning content based on children’s English proficiency.