Toronto, Ontario & Beijing, China

Jet Zhang

Jet Zhang

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I am the co-founder of New Start Animation Tech. Ltd China which has been working on children STEAM education business for 8 years. I also worked as an animator and compositor/ editor in Cuppa Coffee Animation and IMAX in Canada for  TV and feature films.

With my knowledge of children education systems for both China and Canada, it was really an amazing experience to meet Cheryl & Matthew and learn about the great achievement of the Storyteller’s Journey program.

The program gives the kids opportunities to extend their literacy, confidence, personality as well as their view of cultural diversity of the world. I hoped Chinese kids could have the chance to benefit from this program, now that China has opened the door to the world and English education has been put into the same importance level with Math and Science for students from all ages.

I really believe that the Storyteller’s Journey program will definitely not only help the Chinese kids to build up their English but their knowledge of the great world we live.

We hope with the Storyteller’s Journey program we could have the chance to build up a bridge between China and Canada to help children from both sides to know each other and learn from each other. This will bring the opportunity for China to show its great history and culture to the Canadian kids. On the other hand it will become a window for Chinese children to know about the multi-culture and inclusion of Canadian people.