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School Performances

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Amazing Interactive Storytelling Performances

Deep Engagement through Storytelling

For Schools

KapowKidz / Storyvalues assemblies provide a unique curriculum supportive event that can engage the entire school through direct participation.

Several themes are available throughout the school year:

Thanksgiving, Past and Present
The Multicultural Winter Holiday Assembly
Assembly for Family Literacy Day in Canada
Stories from Africa – Celebrating Black History Month
Earth, Wind, Water and Fire – Celebrating Earth Day
Stories from Asia – Celebrating Asian Heritage Month
Traditional North American Stories
Tales of Great Character
Positive Learning Climate

We can also customize presentations to meet the specific needs of your school.

For Classrooms

Class presentations provide creative visualization and cooperative learning opportunities as students attentively listen and enthusiastically participate.

K – Grade 1: Fall Into Autumn
K – Grade 1: Winter Tales
K – Grade 1:Hello Spring
Grade 2: Let’s Celebrate Heritage
Grade 3: Tales Along the Pioneer Trail
Grade 4: Myths of Early Civilizations
Grade 5: Myths of Aboriginal People
Grade 4: Tales From Medieval Times
All Grades: Fables of Aesop
Grades 6, 7 & 8: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
Grade 5: Myths of Early Civilizations
Grade 6: Myths of Aboriginal People
Grade 6: Multicultural Myths

Literacy Events

The Family Literacy Assembly is an engaging interactive presentation that uses the tradition of storytelling to support student and family literacy. 

This educational and engaging program combines storytelling with drama, providing students with the opportunity to participate in bringing multicultural folktales and myths to life.

Students become familiar with stories from diverse cultures as they explore their creativity and expand language, cooperative learning and communication skills. 

The presentation includes free access to the KapowKidz family blog with suggestions for how to increase literacy at home using storytelling.

A World of Character, Culture and Creativity !

Book a Performance - Call Cheryl Thornton at 416-461-3472

Are performances available in CANADA?


Yes, we have brought our unique storytelling performances to hundreds of schools in the Toronto region for over ten years.

Are performances available in CHINA?


Yes, we can schedule interactive storytelling events for schools and community spaces in advance. Contact us for more information!

What do children learn from the performances?


The performances present opportunities to learn speaking, presentation and communication skills as well as explorations into cultural diversity and positive character development.

Why Storytelling?


Because stories are the best way to engage children in learning. Studies now show that information is retained better when it is presented in the form of a narrative. Of course, stories have always been the primary means by which we communicate to one another. Through stories we come to know ourselves and each other.

How long do the performances take?


Generally speaking performances last one hour, for up to 200 children. Click the above links for each program and contact us for more information.

How much do the performances cost?


Assemblies and Literacy Events are $600 CDN. Classroom performances are $275 CDN. Discounts are available for additional performances. Contact us for more information!

What is INTERACTIVE Storytelling?


Children are given the opportunity to participate in bringing the stories to life, to listen and communicate as audience members and to contribute their insights about what the stories mean to them.