Beijing Business

In 2016, I started a business in Beijing with my husband Matthew Giffin, which allows us to spend lots of time in China. We’ve both fallen in love with the culture, people, history and food of this dazzling place.

Seeing the Unbelievable

Everyday I see something unbelievable, something I’ve never seen before or even imagined possible. I keep my phone at the ready to take photos of these surprising events. Some of my favourites sightings are of people riding small electric scooters on crowded major motorways, carrying great big loads of recyclable things, like styrofoam, cardboard , plastic bottles, metal siding, and heaven knows what else. Most of these precarious sculptures seem to defy gravity.

Family Scooters

The roads and highways in Beijing are jam-packed with people and an odd assortment of vehicles, (I’ll address this more specifically in my next posting,) all clamouring to get somewhere, as I pray they are not as doomed to failure in reaching their destinations as they appear. Too often I’ve seen these electric one-person scooters with a family of three or more squeezed on board; father driving with mother next, loosely holding an infant in her arms and a toddler or two sitting behind without holding on to anything!

The Most Amazing Photograph

The most amazing photograph I’ve taken in China so far, was of a young woman riding an electric scooter covered in a ‘winter warmer set’, (which can best be described as a a sleeping bag / oven mitt combination), wearing a bright yellow helmet over her long free flowing hair, a face mask and carrying her brown poodle in the front basket.

I took this photo as Matthew and I were waiting on a busy street corner for the traffic light to change. The woman in the photograph, pulled up next to us. Matthew made eye contact with the dog, which sent it into a barking frenzy. The woman removed one hand from her oven mitt, pointed a finger at the dog and it fell silent, instantly. The dog then turned back to Matthew and gave him the evil eye. That is when I snapped the photo.

Over the next month, we’ll be traveling to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Hong Kong and I’ll be posting more photos and stories of our adventrue.

Happy Storytelling!

Cheryl Thornton