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Participants in the Storyteller’s Journey program in Nanjing, China say ‘hello’ to their friends in Canada. 

A Great Opportunity

As a company that exists both in Canada and China, KapowKidz is in the unique position to be in close communication with educators, kids and parents from both countries. We see firsthand the great interest that people have in both locations to connect with others, to explore the things we have in common and to celebrate the qualities that make us unique.

Building the Bridge of Stories

In all parts of the world, people share positive values and creative traditions. It is a natural human tendency to want to share our experiences with each other. That is the function of storytelling, and in the process of sharing those experiences we create a community that is equitable and sustainable.

Toward a Sustainable Future

For the first time in history, the world is connected through technology. Let us make the most of this moment in history by enabling families from east and west to connect with one another, by sharing stories and creative projects. As we can see in this video, it all starts with a simple ‘hello’!